a world of Isolations .....

In one sentence, how to call my images i have been developed for the last 5 years.
Isolation is my ritual to reveal beauty and uniqueness, and lead the attention in ethereal ambiance.
The isolation process has taken part right before my camera is capturing the image, down to post-processing.

My fascination toward BW LE was inpired by Joel Tjintjelaar. My inclination for a simple compositions influenced by masterpiece works of Michael Levin, Michael Kenna & Henky Kuntjoro. But the depth learning were sourced from my fellow photographer Matt Bachdar. His amazing works and mentoring have transcend my skills, and reveal my own vision.

The journey to less travelled path to find objects, photography and post-processing skills i have been developed, and my personal vision of art, are few of the gifts  of life. I have been blessed.

My images are my true conscience to be fulfilled, although they are still small, but   
hope you embrace my images the way i do.